A Quarter Young – Jith Paul, engineer turned indie filmmaker, on first four years as an entrepreneur



By Leviana Coccia, A Quarter Young, July 19/2014

On July 9, I received a message from Jith Paul, a 42-year-old indie filmmaker from Ottawa and founder of Treepot Media, a production company based in Canada’s capital, focused on producing and collaborating on documentaries, short films and music videos. Jith, who jokingly calls himself Treepot’s president, CEO and janitor, has just completed a year-long project called Treepot Cliffhanger, an indie horror series with five directors and one plot, each director responsible for creating a new chapter with a unique storyline.

This concept, a short-film challenge of sorts, has been done before, but never in the Ottawa region.

What’s the story behind Treepot Cliffhanger?

Jith, who thought up this idea, went on CBC Radio and put out a call for film enthusiasts to send in audition videos in January 2013. He then worked with a jury, comprised of Adele Cardamone-Martel (of CBC), Jeff Hopper (of CTV) and Jeremy Atherton (of Algonquin College), to review auditions and choose the five filmmakers who would make Cliffhanger come to life.

Who were these five directors? Chris Chitaroni, Kristian Lariviere, Keith Wiggins, Luca Fiore and Derek Price – all from the Ottawa area.

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Treepot7: Summer Shorts in the Park


Treepot7: Summer Shorts in the Park


Treepot Media is proud to present a screening of local independent films on the outdoor screen at Dundonald Park on Friday August 15th.  Under the banner of Summer Shorts in the Park and in collaboration with Centretown Movies and the City of Ottawa, the line-up features short films and documentaries by filmmakers:

Rhiana Chinapen,
Caro Ibrahim,
Eric Baril,
Emily Jeffers,
Simon Di Lauro,
Lévi Marquis,
Bonnie Robinson,
Jith Paul,
and Eric Archambeault.

Admission to the screening is FREE.

Bring a picnic chair, blanket or something comfy to sit on, a snack and an umbrella in case there’s a drizzle/light rain. 

The show takes pace on Friday August 15th 2014 starting at 9:00 pm

For more information head to or check out Treepot Media on Facebook.

Treepot7: Summer Shorts in the Park
Friday August 15th, 2014 9pm
Dundonald Park (Somerset W and Lyon)
Admission is free

Last year’s Treepot screening at Dundonald Park

Check out Michaella Francom’s review in Apt613.

Some photos from last Summer’s screening:



Treepot7 on Facebook

Locally produced indie films like the ones you will have the opportunity to see at the park along with other independent shorts, documentaries and feature films are available to rent on the artist-run Video on Demand website Indie Koala.  The site is frequently updated with free streaming content as well so check back often.

MetroNews (Ottawa) – Treepot Cliffhanger, an Ottawa suspense thriller, coming to a screen near you


Treepot Cliffhanger, an Ottawa suspense thriller, coming to a screen near you

By Amy Yee,
for MetroNews, July 7/2014


Five directors, one movie — that was the challenge set up by local production company Treepot Media.

Last year, five filmmakers took up the Treepot Cliffhanger project, a challenge where one director started by filming the first section of a movie and the remaining filmmakers, assigned to one of the other four chapters, had to continue the story. Now their work is streaming online and being sold on DVD.

All directors and actors were local residents and used Ottawa venues for filming.

Jith Paul, founder of Treepot Media, said he thought of the idea as a project to bridge the gap between short and feature length films.

Despite a diversity in filming styles, the directors still managed to make a complete, cohesive film, said Paul. Viewers unaware of the project’s guidelines were even surprised to find out that the film had been shot by five different directors, said Paul.

The film ended up being a thriller, and premiered at the Mayfair Theatre on June 25.

While the majority of viewers were connected to the local indie film scene or the movie’s filmmakers and actors, Paul said he is still looking to expand the spectrum of viewers.

“If we have a second series, I’d like to expand the audience to the general public,” said Paul.

And he has more up his sleeve for a possible second series of the challenge.

“I’d like to come up with a slightly different catch — I don’t want it to be the same concept. I’m thinking of a way to up the game,” he said.

The series can be viewed online here.


FLUX: Food Inspired by Nature ep.1


Treepot Media recently collaborated with Origami Entertainment on this promo for FLUX.

Check out this great writeup about the event by Ron Eade on his blog.

One Last Drink


One Last Drink, a new short film from Treepot Media premiered at the Mayfair Theatre on June 25, 2014

“Sometimes it takes a person who is outside of a situation to help us see things clearly. In One Last Drink, a couple is toasting to the end of their marriage when they encounter a piano player who helps them rediscover the Spark that got them together in the first place.”

One Last Drink

Jean-François Dufault
Carole Leblanc
Jamie Schaffel
Calan Walker

featuring original music performed by
Janie Renée

Screenplay by
Paola Della Malva

Director of Photography
Nicolas Séguin

Jith Paul

Directed and Edited by
Jith Paul

Special Thanks to
VJ at Vj’s Pub & Eatery
150 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa

© 2014 Treepot Media, NHS Productions and It’s A Keeper Productions

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