Two more festival screenings for Ottawa documentary “Partners for Peace”


Two more festival screenings for Ottawa documentary “Partners for Peace”


Partners for Peace is a feature-length documentary film that follows a delegation of American and Canadian women—led by Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams—on a journey to Israel and Palestine. Their quest, to learn about the decades-long conflict and to reach out in solidarity to women activists striving amidst the turmoil, to forge a path toward peace. Confronted by the complex and brutal depth of the conflict, they are inspired by the commitment and sacrifices of the women they meet, and challenged to ask difficult questions of themselves, and of us all.

Treepot Media congratulates collaborators Kublacom Pictures and the Nobel Women’s Initiative on having the film selected to screen at two more festivals!

Partners for Peace has been officially selected to screen at the Boston Palestine Film Festival in October 2014 and at the 23rd annual St. Louis International Film Festival in November 2014.

For more info click here.


A Clean Slate


A Clean Slate is a comedic short film about a once promising pop singer struggling to overcome her debilitating career ending stage fright with the help of her two friends.

The completed film premiered at the Valle d’Itria Film Festival in Italy followed hours later with a premiere in Ottawa at the final Treepot screening at Club SAW. The event was a fundraiser for SAW Video, a local not-for-profit Media Arts Centre.  The film was released online a few days later and is embedded below. Check it out.


Directed by Treepot Media founder Jith Paul, A Clean Slate was our first foray into crowd-funding.  We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign which included a fundraiser screening of short films on February 8th at Ottawa U. Scroll down this page for more about that fundraising event.  By the time the campaign closed on March 14, 2014 we had raised over $3,000 which went a long way towards funding the film. This film would not have been possible without our generous Kickstarter backers!


4K Trailer

A Clean Slate was lensed by cinematographer Karim Ayari and shot on RED Scarlet at 4K resolution. We released a 4K trailer on YouTube to demonstrate the resolution at which the film was shot and to create buzz about the film.

One Last Drink – the spin-off

Sometimes it takes a person who is outside of a situation to help us see things clearly. In One Last Drink, a couple is toasting to the end of their marriage when they encounter a piano player who helps them rediscover the Spark that got them together in the first place.

One Last Drink is another short film directed by Jith Paul (lensed by Nicolas Séguin) featuring two background performers from A Clean Slate as principal cast. The film premiered at the historic Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa on June 25th, 2014, well in advance of the completion of A Clean Slate. More information about the cast and crew for this short film can be found here.

Production Blog for A Clean Slate

We created a production blog to update fans during the pre-production and our shoot in April 2014.  Check it out here: Production Blog.


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The Cast of A Clean Slate



The Fundraiser screenings on February 8th at Ottawa U



Photos from the set of A Clean Slate


More photos in our production blog


Fundraiser Screening – Saturday February 8th at Alumni Auditorium (University of Ottawa).  Details here.

Online screening THE MULLIGAN – March 15th on Indie Koala Details here.


A few public Facebook posts and Tweets related to our kickstarter campaign and the premiere













More tweets…

The final Treepot screening – Thanks!


A packed house.  

A “standing room only” event.  

What an awesome screening tonight.  

Thanks to everyone who came out to check out the premiere of A Clean Slate at our fundraiser for SAW Video, an artist-run not-for-profit media art centre this evening.  

Renting a space to celebrate the work of local independent filmmakers was a new and relatively unique concept when we started in 2011.  

Thanks to everyone who has supported our screenings and the indie filmmakers whose work we have showcased at the Bytowne, Mayfair, Dundonald Park, Ottawa U and ClubSAW over the past 3 years.  Thanks to our collaborators, the casts, crews and fans!  

What an incredible ride and a beautiful way to end the series.  

Looking back at 10 incredible celebrations and looking forward to what comes next!



Click on the graphic below for details on each one of 10 screenings of the series.

A few public Facebook posts and Tweets from the event

Three Treepot Media Short Films screen in Italy


Three short films directed by Treepot founder Jith Paul will screen at the Valle d’Itria Film Festival in Apulia Italy next week.  

Congratulations to the cast and crew and thanks to fans of the short films.

Algebra, Jith’s directorial debut, is an award-winning short film about a painter grappling with the loss of his sight.

A Clean Slate is a short film about a singer who struggles to overcome her debilitating stage fright with the help of her friends.

Join us for the Ottawa premiere at Club SAW on Saturday September 13th.

One Last Drink is about a couple toasting the end of their marriage when then encounter a piano player who tries to convince them to remember why they got together in the first place.

The Charlatan – Treepot Media branches out with new web series


Treepot Media branches out with new web series

by Sam Lehman, The Charlatan, August 25th, 2014

Rooted in the Ottawa film community, production company Treepot Media is dedicated to helping the indie movie scene flourish.

Treepot was founded in 2010 by filmmaker Jith Paul. He said his business’ main goal is “to create, collaborate and inspire short films, feature films, and documentaries.”

The origin of Treepot’s name, according to Paul, “comes from what a friend of mine called the sculpture at the corner of Slater and Kent street.”

From there the idea for the company grew out of, a streamed online channel that broadcasts music from local indie bands, recorded live at the Indie Attic in the Byward Market.

Paul said he feels passionately about connecting with others in his field and lending a helping hand whenever possible. On Treepot’s website he said “filmmaking is a team sport.”

“Like in any team environment, what we create is greater than the sum of the parts. Members of a team complement each others’ skills and learn from each other,” Paul said.

It is clear that collaboration and teamwork are at the forefront of Treepot Media’s interactions with the community.

Treepot has numerous partnerships with local organizations where they aim to spread their films and a little enjoyment at the same time.

“The filmmaking community [in Ottawa] is small but vibrant. We all collaborate on each other’s projects. I am a member of the volunteer board of directors for SAW Video, an artist-run local not-for-profit media arts centre,” he said.

This year, Paul is mentoring a recipient of SAW Video’s annual Jumpstart Video Mentorship Program. It allows aspiring filmmakers to work with an established worker in the field, screen their film and hopefully kick off a career in film, according to Paul.

Aside from mentoring, Treepot also provides entertainment for Ottawa residents during the summer months by screening movies in Dundonald Park. According to Paul, the idea came from Centretown Movies which hosts a festival on weekends throughout the summer.

Although the City of Ottawa and Centretown Movies chose the location, Paul selects the films shown.

“Audience members arrive with picnic chairs or blankets and enjoy films under the stars,” he said.

With the upcoming release of Treepot’s short film Clean Slate, Paul said his goal is to expand their audience beyond the film community. Although the film is self-contained it also is the pilot for a web series called Mulligan’s House Band.

Paul elaborated on the plot by describing the pilot episode, which focuses on Gianna, a singer who has stage fright.

“This is the second film that I have directed and the first time I’m working with an ACTRA (union) cast,” he said.

Crowd funding, according to Paul, generated the majority of the funding for the film. He said the Kickstarter backers will be among the first to see the finished film before the public premiere screening on Sept. 13 at Club SAW.

As for what’s next for Treepot Paul said their current focus is the web series Mulligan’s House Band, adding there is no prospect of branching out beyond Ottawa at the moment.

Paul said that he hopes to collaborate with filmmakers outside the city eventually.


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