North Boys: The Story of Jimmy and Charlie


“North Boys: The Story of Jimmy and Charlie”


Treepot Media is pleased to announce “North Boys”, a documentary collaboration with filmmakers Lucy van Oldenbarneveld and Laura Cabott.

Charlie Pete of Lower Post BC, led a sometimes tortured and troubled life. So did his friend Jimmy Dennis. As children, both were taken away from their home on the same day in 1944. And they never saw their families again. Since then their lives have never been the same.  Now in their mid 70s, these men have never given up.

Second Shooter Productions presents

North Boys: The story of Jimmy and Charlie

Directed by Lucy van Oldenbarneveld

Produced by Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, Laura Cabott

Written by Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, Laura Cabott

Edited by Jith Paul, Treepot Media

Camera  Wayne Vallevand

Additional Camera  Laura Cabott, Cathie Archbould

Editorial Advisor: Michael Ostroff

Music Composer: Edmund Eagan

Audio Post Production: Twlefth Root

Research: Margot Clarke

“James Dennis and Charles Pete Tashoots were just six and seven when they were forcibly removed from their homes in Telegraph Creek and brought to the Lejac Indian Residential School, 1,000 kilometres away.

More than 100,000 First Nation families across the country had to surrender children, some under threat of imprisonment. It is perhaps Canada’s greatest shame: a forced attempt at assimilation of First Nation peoples by the Canadian government, for which the wounds remain fresh for thousands of survivors.

However, no other film quite encapsulates the individual grief and collective loss undergone by entire generations of First Nation youth than North Boys: The Story of Jimmy and Charlie, written by Laura Cabott of Whitehorse and Lucy van Oldenbarneveld of Ottawa.

‘They couldn’t get me off of my mother. I hung on for dear life,’ recounts Dennis of the harrowing day in June 1944 when he, Tashoots and eight other children were torn from their traditional community in northern British Columbia and relocated to a school near Burns Lake, B.C.

When they returned after nine years of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, their mothers were dead, their siblings scattered. They had become strangers in their hometown.”

– Read the rest of Jeff’s Sloyckuk’s article in Yukon News






The Yukon Film Society’s Local Light Cinema Night, November 29, 2012.

National Broadcast premiere, CBC’s Documentary digital channel, Thursday November 8th, 2012 at 6pm and 10pm EST.

Screens at the One World Film Festival, October 12/2012 at Library & Archives Canada.

Broadcast Television Premiere: CBC Ottawa Saturday August 18th.

The official trailer for North Boys will be screened at Treepot2 in Ottawa on March 29th.

Selected for screening at the Dawson City International Shot Film Festival, April 5-8, 2012.

Nominated for 3 award categories at the Yorkton Film Festival May 24-27, 2012.  DirectorDocumentary Social-Political and Emerging Filmmaker

**Winner, Founder’s Award, Yorkton Film Festival 2012

Press: Article about the movie and the Ottawa screening – Dandelion Days

Press: Yorkton News - Residential school doc wins accolades by Jeff Sloychuk


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