The Best of Treepot 1 and 2 on DVD

The Best of Treepot 1 and 2 on DVD

A compilation of short films and music videos from the Treepot 1 and Treepot 2 screenings is now available for purchase.

The line-up features the best of Treepot1 & Treepot2, short films and music videos by local indie filmmakers.

  • Mal de Tête by Fiona Noakes (Kristian Lariviere)
  • Mélodie (Mylene Paquin & Karim Ayari)
  • Misnomer by Tara Holloway (Valerie Holloway)
  • Ottawa at Night (Jith Paul)
  • Like This by My Favourite Tragedy (Karim Ayari)
  • Poetry in Motion featuring Brandon Wint accompanied by Claude Munson (Craig Allen Conoley)
  • Useless by Fiona Noakes (Jeremy Kennedy)
  • Undone (Jean-François Dufault & Nick Seguin)
  • The Interview (Karim Ayari)
  • Ripples (Kevin Friel)
  • And They’re Off (Derek Price)

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Explore the imaginative spectacle that is Mélodie’s mind through lenses that inspire her to see the world as only she can. A true spectacle through spectacles!  Starring Mélodie Courval, produced and directed by Mylene Paquin & Karim Ayari.

Ottawa at Night

A look at downtown Ottawa streets and landmarks at night.  Directed, shot and edited by Jith Paul featuring an original score by Julio Andres Rodriguez.


A door to door salesman tries to get through his day by selling the one thing that everyone wants, a second chance. Starring Jean-François Dufault, Gillian Pownall, Aphra Williams, Bogdan Cojocaru, Ron Langton, Gordon Allan, Michelle Adams, Dan Demarbre, Ryan L. Palmer, Lindsey Reeves-Whit, Kyuss Palmer West and Ellen Manchee.  Directed by Jean-François Dufault, shot by Nick Séguin.

The Interview

A professional young woman finds herself in an unusual job interview with a man who is, unfortunately, just being himself.  Starring Richard Gélinas and Mélodie Courval.  Directed and shot by Karim Ayari.


Set in the very near future, “Ripples” chronicles the sudden, massive evolution of mankind from a celestial force, and two friends as they journey to discover peace whilst the world as they know it is crumbling all around them.  Starring Jordan Krakower, Lindsay Gerro, Faye Rowland, Julien Masterson and Ron Tarrant.  Directed by Kevin Friel, shot by Jeremy Kennedy.

Poetry in Motion featuring Brandon Wint accompanied by Claude Munson

The short poetry video provides a visceral account of a poet’s mind/body relationship, mediated through his prose and the language of story.  Director, DOP & Editor – Craig Allen Conoley, 2nd Camera – David Majer, Additional Folly Sound – Claude Munson, Performance by Brandon Wint (Poet) and Claude Munson (Guitar).

Mal De Tête by Fiona Noakes & The Other Guys

Album: Out of the Shadows. Director/Editor:Kristian Lariviere, DOP: JF Dufault, Lighting Tech: Ken McDavitt, DIT: Harris Nielson, Still Photographer: Frank Pomerleau

Misnomer by Tara Holloway

Music video shot and directed by Holly Bronco, edited by Valerie Holloway.

Like This by My Favourite Tragedy

Music video directed and shot by Karim Ayari.

Useless by Fiona Noakes featuring Timothy Trant

Music video directed and shot by Jeremy Kennedy.

And They’re Off by Jack is Jill

Album: soundtrack of “First Date”. Director/Writer/Editor: Derek Price, Director of Photography/Editor: Jith Paul


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