The First Season on DVD

By popular demand, the first season of Treepot Cliffhanger is available to purchase on DVD. The disc includes all 5 chapters and all 5 behind the scenes featurettes.


The First Season online

Watch all five episodes of the first season back-to-back by clicking on “Play All” on the embedded playlist below. Then scroll down to read more about this year-long collaborative filmmaking adventure.  
NOTE: Episode 1 is no longer available online on Treepot Media or Indie Koala.

Individual episodes, behind the scenes featurettes by VideoEyes & Brennan Martin and interviews the filmmakers are streaming as free selections on Indie Koala, Ottawa’s premier Video On Demand service for Indie Films. The Treepot Cliffhanger series is also listed on IMDB. Once you’ve watched the episode(s) above, please rate and review it on IMDB.

Chapter 1: Feathers and Boom
(directed by Chris Chitaroni)
March, April 2013

A group of mercenaries find themselves in over their heads when a job goes awry.  Frankie, the team’s lookout, is nabbed during the getaway and finds himself in the torture chair of a notorious mob enforcer.
NOTE: Episode 1 is no longer available online on Treepot Media or Indie Koala.

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Chapter 2: Payback
(directed by Kristian Lariviere)
May, June 2013

Malcolm, Frankie, Cassidy, Norm and Clive spend time at a safe house while waiting for their money from the Annikov job to come in. When payment gets delayed, tempers flare up between the group and long held resentments come to light. Watch the episode.

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Chapter 3: Eye of the Storm
(directed by Keith Wiggins)
July, August 2013

A deadly ambush by the Handyman has Frankie and Cassidy on the run. With no other options, the two survivors seek out the one who hired them for the Annikov job, for the money they’re owed and maybe to find some answers as to what’s going on. Little do they know they are about to become involved in a sinister plot. Watch the episode.

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Chapter 4: Code
(directed by Luca Fiore)
November, December 2013

Frankie and Drake have made there way back to a ‘front’ that the boss owns. Trying desperately to find out why the Handyman would want Cassidy, they uncover the information that has been eluding them for so long. Watch the episode.

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Chapter 5: Everything Goes Quiet
(directed by Derek Price)
January, February 2014

The curtain is pulled back, and the menace behind the plot is revealed in the season finale. But with Cassady captured and Frankie on the run, will it be stopped in time? Watch the episode.

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The Concept

The Treepot Cliffhanger is a collaborative feature film project. Five filmmakers each made a chapter of a story over a one year period.  Each chapter was be developed over 2 months starting in March 2013. The twist is that each chapter followed from the ending or cliffhanger of the previous chapter.


Here’s Treepot Media’s Jith Paul chatting with CBC’s Alan Neal (CBC’s All in a Day) about the project in January 2013 days before the January 25th deadline for filmmaker auditions for the jury.  The plan at the time was to have six filmmakers participate in the project.

MetroNews published an article about the series on July 7, 2014.

The Web Series Channel is also streaming the chapters online.

Tubefilter lists Treepot Cliffhanger as an “under-the-radar series to check out.”

Treepot Cliffhanger was featured in a post Toronto-based blog “A Quarter Young.”

Follow the adventure

Fans could stay plugged into the project, see what each of the filmmakers was up to, get information about casting calls, crew calls and more by following the #TreepotCliffhanger feature film via our Facebook page:


Theses were the guidelines for the chapters and filmmakers.

(1)  The maximum length per chapter is 15 minutes.

(2)  Filmmakers are not restricted to the same actors and locations as the previous chapter.

(3)  The films will be streamed on YouTube so they will be subject to YouTube’s Community Guidelines, Terms of Use and Copyright/Content Verification Program.  Filmmakers are required to secure all rights and releases for all components of their production.

(4)  Compilation of the chapters together to screen as a single feature film necessitates that all of the individual sections are non-ACTRA projects.

(5)  Filmmakers will have complete ownership over their chapter and will have complete creative control the caveat that they have to follow guidelines (1) – (4).

Filmmaker Selection

Filmmakers created two minute video auditions in which they talk about their passion for making films and demonstrate their ability to deliver projects.  The jury selected five filmmakers.


Five filmmakers were chosen by our three member jury.

Adele Cardamone-Martel,
Executive Producer, A&E New Program Development, CBC Television

Jeff Hopper,
host of CTV Ottawa Morning Live

Jeremy Atherton,
Coordinator/Professor, Algonquin College Television Broadcasting Program


Sponsorship packages for the various chapters varied depending on the time-slot chosen by each filmmaker.

Each of the five filmmakers received a combination of equipment rental vouchers, post production facility rental vouchers and cash totalling between $775 and $900 to assist with the production of their chapter for a total of $5,150 towards the production of this feature film.  Thanks to our generous sponsors!


Students from Algonquin College’s Scriptwriting Program and members of the Writers’ Room offered their assistance to filmmakers that are entering this challenge.  These two groups have also been involved with recent Digi60 Filmmaker’s Festival competitions and collaborated on several of the award-winning films in 2012 and 2013.  VideoEyes will be producing behind the scenes featurettes for each of the chapters.  Contact information and links provided below.

Facebook Group: Link email: Link   Facebook Group: Link email: Link
Facebook: Link Twitter: @VideoEyes website: Link    

Treepot Cliffhanger #TreepotCliffhanger

The Theatrical Screening

Treepot Media presents Treepot Cliffhanger, a collaborative feature film project a year in the making.  

Five filmmakers developed chapters of the story over 2 month periods starting in March 2013, each chapter following the story set in motion by the director of the previous chapter in the style of a cinematic chain letter.  

Several filmmakers submitted video auditions in January 2013 and our jury (Adele Cardamone-Martel, Executive Producer, A&E New Program Development, CBC Television, Jeff Hopper, host of CTV Ottawa Morning Live and Jeremy Atherton, Coordinator/Professor, Algonquin College Television Broadcasting Program) selected five filmmakers to participate in the project.

Affinity Productions, SAW Video Media Art Centre, Kublacom Pictures, Parktown and Jennifer Mulligan provided over $5,000 in sponsorship in the form of equipment rental and services to help the filmmakers realize their vision.  VideoEyes documented the filmmakers’ process through behind the scenes featurettes.

Chapters were released on YouTube and on Indie Koala as they were completed along with behind the scenes featurettes.  

The first four chapters will be screened theatrically for the first time along with the premiere of the concluding Chapter 5 at Ottawa’s historic Mayfair Theatre on Wednesday June 25th at 7pm.  

We are thrilled to return to the Mayfair, the venue of the inaugural Treepot Indie Filmmaker Showcase in September 2011.

Tickets are $5 for Mayfair members ($10 for non-members) available at the theatre. 

Let us know you’ll be there and help us spread the word.

The Treepot Couch Episodes related to the Treepot Cliffhanger project

#TreepotCouch Episode 1

Directors of the first three chapters of the Treepot Cliffhanger Chris Chitaroni, Kristian Lariviere and Keith Wiggins chat with host Kelley Oliver.

Crew: Nicolas Séguin, Jith Paul
Behind the Scenes footage by VideoEyes


Update 01: Introduction
YouTube Preview Image
Update 02: Timeline
YouTube Preview Image
Update 03: Audition to be one of the six
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