Treepot Zacuto DSLR Rig featured on

Treepot Zacuto DSLR Rig featured on

Treepot Media’s custom configuration of Zacuto’s Stinger and FEE-N-G rigs is featured on Zacuto’s website.

…The Treepot Zacuto Rig made by Jith Paul. This rig is a modified DSLR Stinger Rig. Jith made some small modifications to the DSLR Stinger Rig to make it more compact.

Jith says, “My main motivation was to build a rig that’s compact and can be very left mostly built and easily taken apart for run-and-gun shooting. I bought the Stinger rig last year but was looking for something a little more compact. I did a few shoots where I just attached a monopod to the base of the stinger rig and didn’t put on the handles. I found this easy to use since I would have one hand on the follow focus anyway. I saw the Fee-N-G rig but wanted to be able to rotate the handle down to be completely vertical to get into even tighter spots than my monopod solution allowed. I took apart one of the handles from the Stinger rig and attached the handle from the Fee-N-G rig too it. “

The main change in the Treepot rig is the handgrip assembly in the front. It still uses the Zgrips V3 assembly, but with only one handgrip. Jith now has a 1” rod on the handgrip instead of the normal 7” rod. He is also only using a Z-Lite, 3.5lb weight and not a 7lb weight. These are small easy changes that make Jith rig better for his shooting techniques and applications.”

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