Perfect is a short film collaboration between Treepot Media and Splitklips.

The Film


Screenings and Awards



This film has had an incredible run, shown on TV and at festivals and events around the world.  We continue to be amazed at the positive comments from festival juries and audiences.  Check out our Facebook page for info on screenings. Thanks!

Here's a clip from CBC's Short Film Face-off 2013 where the film premiered.

Unfortunately, CBC has removed this episode of the short film face-off from its digital platforms.

Here's Karim's intro / promo for CBC Ottawa's broadcast of the film in Summer 2013.

Here's a radio interview with CHUO FM98.1 recorded in Ottawa on July 17, 2013.




About Treepot Media

About Treepot Media


About Treepot Media

About Treepot Media

Treepot Media is a production company based in Ottawa, Canada, that produces and collaborates on documentaries, short films, music, event and promotional videos. Our latest projects include Drum with Us, an advocacy video for ACTRA National's Diversity Committee and the short films Jasmin et Macarons, a conversation between a woman and her two friends over afternoon tea and Before Me, a film that explores social intolerance and its impact on children.

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Partners and Collaborators

Filmmaking is a team sport and we often collaborate with talented individuals and organizations. Here are links to some of their websites.