Filmmaking is very much a team sport and we have produced and collaborated on a number of short narrative film, documentary, corporate and promo videos over the years. Here are some of our favourite productions and collaborations.


Short Films

Before Me

Before Me is a bilingual short film that explores social intolerance and its impact on children.

A perfect afternoon tea turns bitter and reveals underlying truth in Jasmin et Macarons.

Julius meets with his psychologist following what he considered to be a disastrous first date in Perfect.

A once promising pop singer struggles to overcome her debilitating stage fright in A Clean Slate.

A painter grapples with the loss of his sight and decends into madness in Algebra.

A couple is toasting to the end of their marriage when they encounter a piano player in One Last Drink.

Two people look to strangers to fix their failing marriage in Words Never Said.

Sarah is confronted by an attacker, but nothing is as it seems in The Call.

Follow the story of a plate from kitchen to critic in The Critic.

Emily and Michael settle in for a happy married life, but there is a disturbance in the force in When Stars Collide.

What appears to be a distant and loveless relationship is really only confusion in Distance.

Two intellectually disabled people go on their first date in a scene from Tom Griffin's The Boys Next Door.

A nun who wants to experience life to the fullest, attempts to reconcile her inner conflict in Mary Mae.

The story of a young woman and the Moments that changed her life forever.

Sam and Carla are on a First Date.

"Divorce. Tragedy or Comedy?"

Paul has won two tickets to Taiwan tries speed dating to find someone to take with him in Polar Bear Love.

Ordinary everyday scenery looks magical when viewed through a lens in Ottawa at Night.

One vigilante's fight to restore equilibrium is derailed by another. Become the Balance.





Children and youth teach others about reconciliation in The 7th Generation our Ancestors Prayed For.

The Person Beyond the File is a video series about the child protection and youth criminal justice systems.

Co-creation: Youth and adults discuss important concepts related to Indigenous education in Canada.

Two women go to New York to tell their stories of brutality in Burma in This is My Witness.

Partners for Peace follows a delegation of North American women on a journey to Israel and Palestine.

Painter Stephen Clarke draws inspiration from his dreams in Documenting Dreams.

Two residential school survivors in their 70s discuss their experiences in North Boys.

How Can a Boy: How can a ten year-old boy survive on his own in a refugee camp?

Denise steps into her mother's shoes to promote her culture through the Thai Dance Troupe of Ottawa in Steps.

David Chernushenko explores approaches to ensure a reliable energy future in Powerful.



Music Videos

Love Me Loud
Tara Shannon

Angels Voices
My Favourite Tragedy

Beki Lantos

Sing Along to Christmas Songs
My Favourite Tragedy

And They're Off
Jack is Jill

Like This
My Favourite Tragedy

In Concert
Sound of Lions

In Concert
The Love Machine



Corporate and Promo Videos

9th-hour Theatre Company  'Halo': It’s a double-double of miracle and mayhem...

OrKidstra: Empowering children and building community through the universal language of music.

Lung Cancer Research: What can jelly beans teach us about Lung Cancer? You might be surprised!

Drum with Us is an ACTRA National video advocating for diversity in casting of actors.

The Match International Women's Fund launched a video to celebrate a milestone.

Food inspired by Nature

NWI #16Days 2014
Day 3: Shari Graydon

NWI #16Days 2013
Day 12: Dr. Cindy Blackstock

Nobel Women's Initiative:
Stop Rape in Conflict

NWI #16Days 2013
Day 8: Tinda Sebe-Sikaneta

Need to Care
Public Service Announcement

Informed Opinions
Promo Video

Nobel Women's Initiative
Montebello Conference 2011

Canadian Culinary Federation
Promo Video

Nobel Women's Initiative
Women's Voices on Oil Sands and Climate Change


About Treepot Media

About Treepot Media

Treepot Media is a production company based in Ottawa, Canada, that produces and collaborates on documentaries, short films, music, event and promotional videos. Our latest projects include Drum with Us, an advocacy video for ACTRA National's Diversity Committee and the short films Jasmin et Macarons, a conversation between a woman and her two friends over afternoon tea and Before Me, a film that explores social intolerance and its impact on children.

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